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Linearizing the Multidimensional

The square peg in the round hole is often employed as a solution to that which is solvable only when we open to an Omniverse/ Multiverse filter. The struggle is not in finding the answer but often in the attempt to fit it into a context that is ill equipped to...


Feelings count in regard to optics, it is perhaps the next level once removed from eye sight. The optics presenting at these times have deep roots in many fields of reality offering us a chess board of reactionary options and feelings as we navigate the remedial...

Game On

Disappearance of people, places and things is no-doubt a constant, a constant amidst the wish at times for permanent context. Well, these times are rocking on multiple levels of heinous absurdities, assuming the 6th Mass Extinction event we are facing is a non...

Getting There (and staying)

All about getting there, the proverbial journey. Today marks itself as a miracle, an experience unlike anything before it. It wafts with deep scents of infinity, so deep that like the harmony of the spheres we have become numb to its smell. How do you undo such a...


Alight fantastic awaits, only to be recognized and embraced. Absolutely, are the choices as they weave intricate patterns of allurement and ABCduction. What awaits has always waited and peeked through, on most of our fully alive, experiential moments, those moments...


Outside the norm perhaps arcing towards a transformative point, it hovers, drawn to it's ineluctable manifestation. Outstanding in its radiance and confirmed reflection of absolute uncertainty, it fleets summationally  outside the box of all Platonic solids. Cheering...

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Welcome to an evolutionary project that is continually evolving as a gift to life and the Planet. It is a vehicle of heartfull expression that is presented as a bridge between Spirit, Light, Conscious Intention and Dimensional Manifestation.


These times as all times do call out for an expanded articulation of Life on Planet Earth and our co-joint journey into the Exo-Political Multi-Omniverse landscape which now whispers in our collective ears.


Individual transformation precedes collective transformation. Spiritography hopes to offer a visual and poetic conduit into the next chapter of becoming human. (Ultra-Hominization)





                                                                                                           Ala Santa Fe Stupa

Robert Davis MA, CHt

Robert Davis has an MA in Planetary Development (Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis and Spiritual Evolution) This set the tone for Robert’s life as a Father, Plant Based Food Pioneer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and life long Photographer. Now in the Sannyasin phase of his life Robert presents Spiritography as an evolving chronicle of Spirit and Light that lives within and around us, via photography and prose.

A Personal/Planetary Awakening ­ Kundalini Style ­: DBA Spiritual Emergency

Robert’s journey illumines the out dated quagmire of conventional allopathic solutions against a process that has Shamanic roots with qualitative healing dimensions. Robert points out the multitudes of conditions often misdiagnosed and maltreated in our culture today.

His goal is the creation of a safe healing space known as The Safe Space Inn., whereby individuals are loved and cared for in a space of full allowance. A space that ultimately provides unbridled unfolding into one’s full destiny. Join Robert on his journey as it mirrors a potential collective journey.

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