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Where for art thou thy divining path, that which leads us to clarificational reckoning and inspired moments of rightlivlihood and full purpose actuation. One’s path perhaps, if fully lived, dances with these moments on a regular basis. How and when do these peak moments find us? How can we attract via non attachment, the highest, lightest and love based experiences that sustain us on all levels. How now is one question divided by the complete emersion of unbridled being into the present moment. Ah, the moment the Omniverse moves with you, choreographed with ease and abundance you become free. A freedom that compliments the needs of these times, a freedom to fully honor your life as a living miracle amidst an ever changing mosaic of energies taking form as this and that.

“We only have to look around us to see how complexity … and psychic “temperature” are still rising: and rising no longer on the scale of the individual but now on that of the planet. This indication is so familiar to us that we cannot but recognize the objective, experiential, reality of a directionally controlled transformation of the Noosphere “as a whole.”

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin