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Aloha, once upon a time a beginning was thought into the mental field of possibilities outdistancing the rational mind within dimensional parameters.  How many ways can a beginning begin from otherness and beyond our socialized interpretive grokings .  Multi dimensions, Extraterrestrial Compatriots and Angelic realms are mingling within the Omniverse play.  Paving the way for this hyper jump into an expanded and illuminated sense of relationship has been a number of works, along with an expanding sense of Antiquital cultures, New historic time lines, UFO realities and a collective emotional planetary tinder box ready to dance and or dissolve amidst an emergent new reality. The Vedas, The Upanishads,The Mahabarata along with esoteric works such as The Urantia Book, Oahspe, The Secret Doctrine and Rudolph Steiner’s Seminal and Theosophically sweetened Cosmology, along with many others have paved the way. The roots for our emergent Omniverse  are there. One day, one step at a time our journey will be.


One soul at a time.



Light & Sound



Thank you


love, Robert