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All about getting there, the proverbial journey. Today marks itself as a miracle, an experience unlike anything before it. It wafts with deep scents of infinity, so deep that like the harmony of the spheres we have become numb to its smell. How do you undo such a socializational steeping that now bombards our senses on a multitude of levels? The blanket “Wake Up” request is a Planetary survival request that is offered by many who are all, on many different levels of Waking Up. So one’s waking wish could be measured by a Scientology ideology and another would frame it from being a Sannyasin of Osho. On this 4/20 I extend my wish that however one wakes up it advances the Aloha and Love in such a way that the Light of Your Truth is realized and as David Frawley said, “Truth belongs to all eternity and all time must bow down before it”


Thank you,


with Love Robert