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The square peg in the round hole is often employed as a solution to that which is solvable only when we open to an Omniverse/ Multiverse filter. The struggle is not in finding the answer but often in the attempt to fit it into a context that is ill equipped to understand it. Worlds within worlds mark this dimension and our collective reality, one that is proportionately dependent on one’s soul level and capacity to accept circumstances with deep understanding, that may actually result in some degree of equanimity, as we drift out through the Pillars of Hercules towards the area along the Atlantic rift zone where the island of Poseidonus (the last remnant of Atlantis) existed before the 12,500 BC Meteor Impact.

The answers are there but often need to be recast so as to be assimilated into our individual and collective reality.


Once you have the answers in whatever shading of interpretation it is game on, for whole body integration, enactment and atonement.  May it be a walk in the park.

May it be.


With Love.


MDMA has been proven to be effective in regard to treating PTSD.