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The times are always changing and flowing in and around our expectations of what we want life to be. Reasonable surfaces time and time again as a moniker for balanced communications and dreamed outcomes, so often though our need to exchange communication with other humans delimits the use of reasonable as a final determination. We are then left in a field of at least momentary quandary as to how much of anything can get done and certainly qualifies the unconsciousness of human action on the Planet. We never the less plod on, hopeful that the next encounter will bring the average up from the 5 to 10% conscious interaction range. There is everything at stake, as we waltz with myopic nonchalance into the 6th major extinction event. The tides can turn, but only if and when the individual souls on this planet awaken to their divine potential, their peace, their joy and start existing from the base line of being reasonable.


with love,