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Welcome to your time of incarnation, what will you do with your time? Spiritually and then genetically manifested into time and space upon an orb in a sea of post mentational understanding , we wonder and wander amidst other incarnates experiencing their world, their cognitive play. All inkling towards the one, all in their own way. Alas, come the  chreode blazers, evolutionary scouts pontificating a this way or that way progression albeit a pathway or an escape to a copasetic field of being, being that supports other beings and is accentuated by the drive to experience their incarnation amidst knee deep karma with unbridled joy, love and peace. It is perhaps the seeding by our space brethren and sisters within a Multiverse setting or is it the Angelic realms within the Ominverse, or is it more?

What gifts have we been given that peak our incessant desire for utopian possibilities, possibilities that reflect the highest and noblest attributes of Human Beingness. What are the attributes and why are these insights meagerly rationed out to the inhabitants of Earth?  The care for our Planet is fundamental to our spaceship’s survival and yet so many live without that basic knowing and whose actions and lifestyles run juxtaposed to the necessity of that knowing  and our collective survival. The time of present future revelation is at hand and heart and it is simply a one person job, one at a time, and when that time comes may it come with atonement and integration steadfast within the spiritual genetics of our who and what we are, amidst the mystery of it all.


And of course it is all perfect.


with love,