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Week 1,

“Tonight when you lie down in bed, take a minute to close your eyes and notice how your chest expands and contracts. Each time you notice a thought or some inner dialogue, allow that awareness to automatically bring you back to your breath. Continue noticing your breath until you naturally fall asleep. If you awaken during the night to use the bathroom, sit on the toilet ( even if you stand up), close your eyes, and just watch your breath. When you return to bed continue noticing your breath until you fall asleep again. Anytime you awaken during the night or find it difficult to sleep, just observe your breath, knowing that anytime a thought arises, awareness will automatically guide you back to your breath. Upon awakening, close your eyes for a minute and once again notice your breath until you feel ready to get up and start your day. Anytime you use the bathroom, sit down, close your eyes, notice your breath, notice your thoughts and notice that your are the noticer. Watch your breath for approximately one minute before and after each meal, and anytime your feel anxious, worried or overwhelmed. Notice it when your are on the subway and during the day, whenever you feel the urge to do so. There is no need to keep count. But if possible, repeat the process whenever it enters your awareness”.

Jacob Liberman  “Luminous Life”


Solstice Hugs and Blessings,