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Welcome to the journey of Spiritography and the chronicling of light as it takes form on Planet Earth during these transformative times.

(What) Spiritography is about reporting and visually depicting the multiple strata’s of consciousness that beautifully envelope and often degrade the Planet we inhabit.

(Who)Robert Davis MA CHt, is the guide and provides the lens of interpretation based on over 35 years of Planetary evolutionary study. The observations will be organic and offer a plentitude of images and insights that will hopefully elucidate the opportunities and challenges inherent to our collective Planetary survival.

(Where)The continuum of presentation will take place at innumerable sites around the globe when and where applicable.

(Why) It is time to download years of observation and evolutionary trend analysis in a palpable format replete with beautiful imaging and cogent information about our co-shared planetary destiny. We are it seems always at a crossroads where a few glean a pathway of greater good for the many while the many simply struggle to exist under a totalitarian veil of socialized realities. How to present information that is freeing and empowering will be one of the quests for Spiritography, as we attempt to unlock the many truths of our co-shared past that then prepare us for our potential future as a Star Culture.  Stay tuned.

Robert  Davis